Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will The Garden Room Take To Build?

Build time varies largely on size of studio, the existing foundations and location and additional features like bathrooms and kitchens. A small standard spec studio should take less than 2 weeks, while high-spec larger studios with all the extras can take over 4 weeks

Do I Need An Electrician To Connect My Garden Room To The Mains?

No, our turnkey service ensures everything is included in the price quoted, including connection to the mains supply, signed off and certificate provided.

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Garden Room?

All our builds fall within Permitted Development so there is no need for planning permission.

How Close To The Boundary Can My Garden Room Be?

All our studios are designed bespoke to your garden and hand built on site to maximise space. We prefer to leave 0.5m gap between the studio and garden border but if necessary we can leave as little as 0.1m

What Cladding Options Do You Have?

As all studios are completely bespoke, you can have any cladding you like, including rendering. We will go through your options and provide suggestions, or you can find a picture online and we’ll source cladding to match.

Where Do You Supply Garden Rooms?

We are based in Chertsey, Surrey and operate throughout the South East. However, for builds over an hour drive from KT16 there will be a small additional charge

Can A Garden Room Be Built On Uneven Or Sloping Ground?

Yes they can. If you have a sloping garden, we can use an adjustable galvanised metal pier system to create a level floor space on any gradient.

Is There A Large Step Up To Access My Garden Room?

The treated timber framework of your room, plus flooring, is around 120mm in height. We also allow a 50mm gap beneath your room for adequate ventilation, which brings the total step up to about 170mm. This will vary depending on the slope of your garden, and we offer the addition of a step or deck area if required for easy access.