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All our builds are entirely bespoke, with unique features and quirks making each one different to the next. Therefore we wouldnt be able to give you an accurate quote without discussing your ideas and surveying your site, but we've created a handy estimator tool to give you a ball park figure.

Please note; we aren't able to give an online estimate for extras like decking, bathrooms, and any added features given the amount of variables, but feel free to give us a call or book in a site visit to discuss.

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Approximately what size room would you like?


£8500 + Add £250 per m2

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Is there an existing slab foundation to work off?

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  • Number of windows required

    0 multiple the number select by price below

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Optional extras

  • Decking - £POA

    Electrical connection to supply and certificate - £POA

    Shower / bathroom / kitchen - £POA

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What Our Clients say

"Amazing green office built by The Green Rooms, and your staffs are very maticulous. Very impressed, I would highly recommend you to anyone." - Morgan