A bit about The Green Rooms

Founded back in 2015, The Green Rooms (formerley JPA Carpentry) started out as a one man operation designing and building everything from garden pergolas to walk in wardrobes in and around Surrey. Having a keen interest in outdoor living and earth friendly construction methods, a niche was quickly discovered in building garden rooms. Not just any garden rooms though. Not modular rooms. No restrictions on shape or cladding options or any unusual features, but rooms designed to suit your garden, with your style and your requirements fulfilled. Need a dog house hidden in the side? No problem. Like a built in cinema projector and screen, with a starlight ceiling? Sure! 6 years later and we're a small but experienced team of carpenters specializing in making your garden room one that'll stand out from the rest.

The Green Rooms - History

Who we are

Renowned for creating 100% bespoke garden rooms, we strive to bring a personal touch to every project. Each of our garden studios is custom-designed and hand-built to every client’s exact specifications.

No two Green Rooms are alike, because no two clients are alike. We take pride in our ability to brighten your property with rich, multipurpose garden rooms that increase living space without shutting out nature. Whichever way you use your garden studio, make sure it’s a Green Room.

Why Choose The Green Rooms

Our studios are built using the latest construction methods, A-rated windows and doors, and SIPs panel structure, ensuring that they stay perfectly insulated and draft-free.

Whether you want a cinema room, a sound studio, or a man cave, we will build your vision out to perfection.

All of our designs are bespoke so your garden room will be as unique as you, built by a local company that knows what you want.

The Green Rooms studios are constructed to keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Being 100% insulated and airtight, all of our constructions offer the highest levels of soundproofing.

Hand-crafted by our team of trained carpenters, The Green Rooms garden studios are built with durability in mind.

We carefully source all of our materials from ethical suppliers, and only use FSC and PEFC certified wood.

From foundations right through to electrical sign off, everything is included, ready for you to move in

"Excellent craftmanship and such a wonderful level of service. James had brilliant ideas, vision and skills. It was an easy process to describe what we wanted and an even easier process having it built. Highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for good value and excellent workmanship." - Kiran B.

The Green Rooms Work Process

Working with The Green Rooms is hassle-free from start to finish. Few things are worse than protracted construction projects. As experienced professionals, we have a streamlined project management system that works to get your studio built quickly without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. Here’s how it works:

  • We start with a free consultation to learn more about you and your project.

  • Once we’ve nailed down details like budget and vision, we’ll get the paperwork out of the way.

  • During this stage, we will draft plans for your garden studio. You’ll be able to offer input to make sure it fits your vision.

  • Once the plans are ready, we break ground! Construction usually takes 1-3 weeks, depending upon a variety of factors.

  • In this final phase, we do all of the finishing touches to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your garden studio for many years to come.

Based in the heart of Surrey, The Green Rooms garden studios provide the perfect solution for your home and garden living and lifestyle

The Green Rooms Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is interwoven into our design and construction process. At The Green Rooms, we’re committed to making sure that all of our garden studios act in harmony with the environment, rather than disrupt the ecosystems they’re meant to support. With this in mind, we’ve carefully curated a trusted network of ethical suppliers to ensure each garden studio gives as much to Mother Nature as it does to you. All of our timber is FSC and PEFC certified, which means it is sourced from forests whose sustainable management has been verified by independent environmental organizations. We use a combination of traditional and modern construction methods to create minimal landfill and ecological disturbance.

When you entrust your garden studio project with The Green Rooms, you’re guaranteed a building that is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful.

The Green Rooms - History

What Our Clients say

"Amazing green office built by The Green Rooms, and your staffs are very maticulous. Very impressed, I would highly recommend you to anyone." - Morgan